Tow Ball Bicycle Carriers

Tow ball mounted bike carriers are our most popular, there are a few reasons for this.
Platform style bike carriers with integrated lights are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, due to the extra safety and legal compliance they provide.
Tow ball carriers also have as good as or even better weight capacity than hitch mounted carriers, making them suitable for E-bikes, and with today's design and technology they are just as stable as hitch mounted carriers. They're also slightly more convenient than hitch mounted carriers in that they're a little easier to fit and you can switch from carrying your bikes to hitching up your trailer in no time at all.
Like hitch mounted carriers you don't have to lift your bikes very high to load them up, this in itself is a decider for some. You can also add a ramp to some of these carriers to make loading easier yet again, just check the accessories tab on the individual carrier to see if it's available.
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