Surfboard & SUP Carriers

Looking to transport your SUP or surfboard? The options below will get you and your board safely to the water's edge.
Whether you have a SUP or surfboard, we have solutions that will help you get your gear to the beach or river. These carriers come in a few variations.
These carriers feature a solid bar on which you place your board, they have integrated padding on the bar to protect your board and offer a very solid and durable platform to fix your boards to. Some also have integrated load assisting mechanisms such as rollers to make life easier.
This type of board carrier offers a full tilt down mechanism, which makes loading and unloading your boards so much easier as you don't have to get them up as high as other carrier types. These often have mechanical or hydraulic tilt assisting systems too. The only drawback of these systems is their understandably high price.
By far the simplest and least expensive way to bring your boards, these types of carriers are basically soft pads which attach directly to your roof rack crossbars. They offer protection and practicality, but they don't offer any kind of load assisting systems. Another advantage of these systems is that they'll fit almost any crossbar brand and shape, with some not even needing roof racks at all.
Some carriers include tie downs while others don't, if you need additional tie downs or straps please see our tie downs and accessories page within our water sports category.
Please read the product descriptions carefully before ordering to ensure you will get the product that best suits your needs, and feel free to contact us anytime to consult with one of our roof rack specialists if you need further advice.
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