Hitch Bicycle Carriers

Hitch mounted bike carriers are often referred to as heavy-duty bike racks. They mount directly to your tow hitch, a square box either 32mm, 40mm or 50mm where a towbar can be installed. The main advantage to hitch mounted bike racks is their strength and stability. Within this category there are several options with their own advantages.
These bike racks feature a tray or trays upon which your bikes rest, some secure the bike by the frame, while others use the wheels to fix the bike to the carrier, the latter is usually a more versatile option as you can carry bikes with unusual frame shapes and carbon or custom finish bikes without worrying about damage or needing adapters. They also provide for very easy loading and unloading of your bikes because you don't need to lift your bikes very high to get them onto the rack.
This variety of rack is usually a shaped bar arrangement, with attachment points so your bikes are secured and hang by their frames. These are also the more affordable option. However, they are generally unsuitable for carbon frame bikes and unusual bike frame shapes.
For those who need to carry the most bikes possible, these carriers will fit the bill. They mount the bikes in a vertical arrangement which allows you to carry up to 6 bikes.
These features are available for all types of hitch mount carriers, with some having it as standard. Tilting mechanisms provide the ability to tilt the carrier down to access your car's rear hatch or boot. Swing-out capabilities allow the carrier to swing completely clear of the vehicle, for complete rear access. We also have adapters which allow you to convert an ordinary hitch mounted bike rack into a swing-out type.
Please see the product descriptions for more information about their features and to ensure the product you are purchasing is compatible with your bikes and vehicle. If you are unsure feel free to contact us anytime to consult with one of our specialists
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