Indoor & Ute Bicycle Carriers

Utes and vans can utilize other bike rack types and also offer people extra ways to carry their bikes vs other vehicles, our range below is especially for these applications. There are two main types of carriers we provide within this category.
These carriers use the front forks to mount your bike, most of these are fitted directly to the van floor or ute bed via bolts and you will usually need to drill holes to fit these types of carriers. The upside of this is that they're very secure and you can choose exactly where you want to position your bike rack. They can also double as bike storage solutions because you can bolt them to almost any flat surface which has the weight holding capacity. Other types of fork mounted bike carriers for utes use a crossbar that mounts to your ute bed sides.
This type of carrier utilizes the ute tailgate to carry your bikes. There are types that essentially are a padded attachment that you fit over your tailgate, with built in anchor points to secure your bikes to. This simple and cost-effective solution offers amazing ease of use and multiple bike carrying capacity. Another type we stock is more complex, it mounts to your ute's tailgate and allows you to secure bikes by their wheels only, making it a great solution for carbon frame bikes.
Feel free to browse our options below and order online or come to our shop for pickup. If you would like to know more you can contact us anytime to ask one of our specialists.
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