Roof Rack Store Corporate Social Responsibility Statement
Business Ethics

At Roof Rack Store we will treat all customers with respect and as equals. We are an equal opportunity employer and abide by all fair labour policies.


Our company recognises the need to protect the natural environment. We reduce our environmental impact by having strict recycling protocols for all waste and packaging materials including plastics and polystyrene. We have reduced our carbon footprint by installing solar panels, using LED lighting throughout our warehouse and showroom and the electricity we do purchase, comes from 100% renewable sources.


We support a number of local sporting clubs (Waratah Masters, Randwick Botany Cycling Club, Sydney BMX) through both the supply of merchandise, club discounts and financial support through sponsorship. We have supported 'Ride to School Day' through supply of biking related merchandise and we are also a proud financial supporter of the Cancer Council.


Our company will always respect the law, honour its internal policies, ensure that all business operations are legitimate and keep every partnership and collaboration open and transparent.