Bicycle Carriers for Vehicles
Carrying bicycles on your car is easy when you have the right solution, however, if you've never looked at bike carriers before the range of choices can be truly overwhelming. At Roof Rack Store we select the best brands and we have the most stock to ensure we get you on the trails quickly, safely and in style. We can help advise you on the best choices because all of our staff are bike riders and we have decades of combined experience behind us in using and dealing with bike racks and carriers.
We know which products are built for long term durability, which products suit certain bike styles and which products represent the best value. Our selection of bike racks reflects this knowledge and we only stock the best in each subcategory to make sure whichever bike rack you choose, you’re getting the best value possible for your money.
At Roof Rack Store we have options for roof top bike racks, van or ute bike racks, towbar bike racks and hitch mount bike racks. You can order online from the comfort of home or come down to our shop for pickup.
As the name implies this type of bike rack attaches to your roof rack, allowing you to carry your bike or bikes on the roof. The advantages of this type of carrier are their light weight, their ease of installation and removal, and the ability to scale up or down the number of bikes you carry. You also don't need a tow hitch or towbar installed to your vehicle.
These types of bike racks are attached to either a tow ball or directly into the tow hitch of your vehicle. The main advantages of these carriers are their strength, the ability to carry more bikes, ease of loading and unloading your bikes, and the fact that they don’t add to your vehicle’s overall height.
We don’t stock any boot or hatch mounted bike carriers due to the inherent issues associated with that mounting method.
These types of bike racks utilize the ute bed or the van cargo area for bike transport. The advantages of these carriers is that they provide yet another area to mount your bikes, so that your tow hitch and roof cargo areas are free for other cargo, or more bikes! This variety of bike racks also often allow for completely custom selection of where you can mount them, plus many of them can double their usage as home bike storage systems because they'll mount to any flat surface.
Please feel free to browse below or contact us anytime and we'll do our best to help you out.