Roof Mounted Kayak Carriers

There are several options to get your craft to the water, all with their own particular advantages.
As the name would suggest this variety of kayak rack forms a J shape when in use, this type of carrier is very popular due to the fact that they allow you to carry your watercraft on its side, this gives you much more space on your roof racks for other gear, or more kayaks! Some of these can even carry two watercraft on the one carrier.
The pinnacle of kayak racks are the load assisting type, offering a tilt down mechanism so you don't have to lift your watercraft up onto your roof racks. They also generally have a mechanical or hydraulic load assisting mechanism to make light work of the whole operation. The only downside to these carriers is their higher price point.
These kayak carriers are the simplest, most affordable, and easiest to use, they are also the lowest profile type of carrier. Some include load assisting rollers and generally they have a great clean look to them when mounted.
For those who want to haul multiple kayaks, these are often very simple designs but also very practical.
This type of kayak carrier mounts to the tow hitch on your vehicle, and will usually feature a vertical T shaped bar. This type of carrier is a multi-purpose hauler, being suitable for any longer loads, whether it's your kayak, SUP, surfboard, even conduit, ladders or timber.
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