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  • Thule Sidearm Bicycle Carrier 594XT
  • Thule Sidearm Bicycle Carrier 594XT
  • Thule Sidearm Bicycle Carrier 594XT
  • Thule Sidearm Bicycle Carrier 594XT
  • Thule Sidearm Bicycle Carrier 594XT
  • Thule Sidearm Bicycle Carrier 594XT
  • Thule Sidearm Bicycle Carrier 594XT
  • Thule Sidearm Bicycle Carrier 594XT
  • Thule Sidearm Bicycle Carrier 594XT
  • Thule Sidearm Bicycle Carrier 594XT

Thule Sidearm Bicycle Carrier 594XT

An up-right, roof mounted carrier that doesn't touch your bicycle frame. Perfect for downhill bikes.
UPC : 091021086050
  4.17 out of 5 (based on 6 reviews)

No longer a stocked item or discontinued. Please call for more information 02 9159 6777$329Discontinued

An up-right, roof mounted carrier that attaches to your front wheel, not your bicycle frame

The Side-Arm was originally designed for downhill bikes in the USA, as many of the frames had ‘unusual’ down tubes and so required a carrier that held the bike by the front wheel only. The carrier has now become popular for those who do not want a bicycle carrier attaching to their carbon frame. This versatile design also accommodates bikes with disk brakes, thru-axles and most bikes from 20” to 29” with tires up to 2.6” (6.6cm) wide.

The Side-Arm has all the features you'd expect from Thule, from double walled corrosion resistant aluminium main tray to ratcheting wheel straps and the ability for it to be key matched to any existing Thule products.


Thule Sidearm Bicycle Carrier 594XT Customer Reviews

David rated  3 out of 5      on Monday, 15 May 2017
Very solid but seems like an old design. Very complicated to switch from one side of the car to the other. Like that it holds bike by front wheel only and doesn't touch frame. Fast postage. David
Walker rated  5 out of 5      on Thursday, 20 April 2017
Lightning fast shipping took 2 business days. Normally id expect to wait up to two weeks for 'free shipping'. Not these guys, super fast. I really enjoy my 594, its perfect for my Giant Anthem 29'er. I also have a road bike but i only use my 598 to carry it. The 594 is perfect for the big DH and Cross country bikes that have large tyres. Quick and easy to load the bike, which is perfect when you've been riding all day and just wanna get packed up and home. Will be buying another one in the near future for my partners bike. Could not recommend this product more. Cheapest on the net also.
Tyler rated  5 out of 5      on Wednesday, 18 January 2017
Love it. Simple and easy to use. Works great from my XC MTB
Stephen Ryan rated  4 out of 5      on Wednesday, 25 November 2015
From order to receipt took just two calendar days. The sidearm is a much bigger carrier than my Thule provide 591 and the build quality seems to be poorer than the 591 - the tray caps do not fit snugly, the hook arm has lots of unnecessary sideways movement, for example. Was also surprised by the poor quality of the Thule instructions for putting the sidearm together, particularly the lack of advice about why there are three x 6 coach bolts of varying sizes and how you decide what size is needed for your car. I used a you tube video on constructing the sidearm and it took me through the process in very easy steps, but again failed to provide advice about the right coach bolt length for my car and sure enough I had the reconstruct the sidearm three times before I got it right. The other problem was that locks are optional extras and while Roof Rack Store says they are included, they were omitted from my package. However, having used RRS a couple of times previously and been delighted with the quality of their service, I was delighted with the quick response to my email pointing out the omission and the speed with which the two locks arrived, although without instructions and the Thule manual was almost useless. It turns out that you insert the blank key in one of the locks and then insert the lock into one of the two lock holes and turn the lock till it locks into place and the key can be removed. Then use the key and you can lock and unlock. Repeat the process for the second lock and then store the blank key in a safe place in case you subsequently need to remove one or both locks. So now I have a cycle rack that will safely carry my new carbon bike with out risking crushing the carbon upright using the 591 locking jaw.
Pavel Pospisil rated  4 out of 5      on Monday, 27 April 2015
Agree with earlier review that the tray is large, but even a road bike can be secured well. I am using additional strap for the front wheel as well to make the road bike extra secure. Excellent fit for MTB. Overall, it is a bit bulky, but feels very solid. Easy and quick to put bike on and off. I have bought two for my two bikes. Fast delivery and good service by the store. Very happy.
Yen rated  4 out of 5      on Monday, 03 March 2014
I use the sidearm with my free ride bike and road bike. The tray is very large for the road bike but that is the only downside. I am really happy clamping onto the wheel instead of the frame.
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