Why buy a Thule bike rack locally and not from overseas?

Posted on Thursday, 27 July 2017   |  Viewed: 1966

Why buy a Thule bike rack locally and not from overseas?

Let’s face it, it is sometimes cheaper to buy a Thule platform carrier from overseas than it is to buy it from a local supplier. Why would you spend the extra money and buy it locally?

When Thule Australia imports the platform carriers with electrics, they need to be re-wired for local compliance. Units purchased from overseas will not work on Australian cars unless re-wired.

Different carriers have different wiring set ups and connectors, on some it involves removal and replacement of the connector and with others it is a case of re-doing the internal wiring. Either way you could take it to a local auto electrician and spend $100 getting them to do it or like one of our customers you could simply do it yourself.  Unfortunately he didn’t get it right and damaged their almost new Ford Territory.

Of course purchasing locally means you get a rack that is fully covered  (5 years in Thule’s case) and any warranty issues can be dealt with easily at your place of purchase.

Don’t forget to factor in that locally supplied units also come with a 7 pin round to 7 pin flat adaptor which will save you another $25 (unless you already have a 7 pin round outlet on your car).

Most importantly there’s also the warm fuzzy feeling you get by supporting local Australian businesses.

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