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Thule Hullavator versus Yakima Showdown

Posted on Thursday, 26 October 2017   |  Viewed: 5010

Thule’s Hullavator has had the kayak side load assist market pretty much to itself until now. Yakima have just released their new ShowDown and while both products achieve the same result, they each have their pros and cons.

The Hullavator uses gas assist struts to help you lift and load up to 18kg of your craft’s weight. The Hullavator is very easy to use once installed but assembly and installation is much more complicated and time consuming than the Yakima ShowDown. Removing the Hullavator is also a much more lengthy process than removing the ShowDown.

The Hullavator has a max craft weight limit of 35kg with a max width of 80cm. Be sure your larger Hobie is less than these dimensions. Includes bow and stern tie down straps and Thule quickdraws.

RRP is $949

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Yakima’s ShowDown is the new kid on the block and has a very similar action to that of the Hullavator but without the gas assist struts. It’s super quick and easy to install and remove, a huge plus over the Thule unit. Unlike the Hullavator, the ShowDown is also designed to carry Mals or SUPs and it comes with SUP specific cradles as well.

The ShowDown has a max craft weight limit of 36.3 kg and comes will all the straps and tie downs required to safely mount your craft to the Showdown and your vehicle.

RRP is $699

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