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  • Yakima LOCK N LOAD Platform Size B 8000338
  • Yakima LOCK N LOAD Platform Size B 8000338
  • Yakima LOCK N LOAD Platform Size B 8000338
  • Yakima LOCK N LOAD Platform Size B 8000338
  • Yakima LOCK N LOAD Platform Size B 8000338
  • Yakima LOCK N LOAD Platform Size B 8000338
  • Yakima LOCK N LOAD Platform Size B 8000338
  • Yakima LOCK N LOAD Platform Size B 8000338
  • Yakima LOCK N LOAD Platform Size B 8000338
  • Yakima LOCK N LOAD Platform Size B 8000338

Yakima LOCK N LOAD Platform Size B 8000338

Yakima's all purpose platform rack, a great general purpose option whether you're camping, working, serious 4x4 exploring, or just need some extra luggage space.

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Yakima LockN'Load Platform Size B

The innovative, new Yakima LockNLoad Platform, a super tough addition to Yakima's already great roof rack range. 

Every now and again we see a new product that hits all the right buttons, the LockNLoad Platform is one of them. Its the cost effective, tough, flat-load carrying surface solution for 4x4's and utes. Whether you're using it commercially onsite, going camping, surfing or taking your bikes and kayaks on holiday, this rack can do it all.

We rarely see as many possible accessory mounting points on a roof rack as the LockNLoad Platform has. Literally every slat and even the perimeter rails have a 21mm accessory T-slot with drop in cut outs, making it compatible with most popular accessory brands and any Yakima clamp type mounts, so you can easily mount an array of accessoriers and carriers, not just the Yakima brand. Each slat has a 75kg rating, so heavy loads are also no issue for the LockNLoad Platform.

The innovative new design means that you can say goodbye to crossbar adaptors, we are also impressed with the logical east west oriented slats, making this one super versatile and strong roof rack, you can carry camping gear and/or bikes, and even surfboards anywhere, anytime. You could even take a tinny on the roof, if your vehicle has a strong enough roof that is. Its super tough, made of powdercoated aluminium, with steel corner reinforcements, plus e-coating, which will mean this rack will survive anything you or mother nature can throw at it. Heavy and uneven loads are no problem for this rack too. The east west design, the spine segments to distribute load front and rear, plus steel corner reinforcements, all work to make sure that loads are always nicely distributed across the platform, even highlift jacks are no issue. At the end of the day it will be your vehicle roof's strength that govern the weight this can carry rather than the roof rack itself.

As far as appearances go, we like the rugged but modern look of the LockNLoad Platform. Because it mounts directly to the leg it has a sleek low profile, and even though it has thick military grade looking perimeter rails it still weighs as little as its best competitors, we're impressed. What you see is what you get with this roof rack, its tough, versatile, and modern. It was developed here in Australia for Australian conditions, and it shows. The design has been rigorously tested with 1000's of cycles in Yakima's testing facility using an advanced "Moog" simulation table, plus hundreds of real world testing hours.

The wind noise made by the LockNLoad will vary by vehicle, however, we sound tested one on our mate's Toyota Hilux and found that the low profile design and noise control measures Yakima built into the LockNLoad have made this a good performer even at highway speeds. They have included a wind deflector, end caps on the pivot mounts, plus rubber infill to vital places, which all seem to do a nice job of controlling wind noise.

The LockNLoad Platform can be shipped to you flatpacked, or come on down to our warehouse and we'll fit it for you. The only tools you will need to install just the platform yourself are a 4mm hex bit, a 13mm socket and a 10mm socket, the unit comes with comprehensive instructions for installation included too. We found that the lack of a crossbar, the pivot mounting system plus the easy fix clamps make installing easier than many of its competitors, you can customize the fit to your needs too, with up to 5" of pivot allowable in the design. Allow 30mins to 1hr for self installation, depending on how handy you are.

For future, a range of spare parts are easy to get through us.

To check if we have a platform to suit your vehicle please try our Roof Rack Fitting Guide.

LockNLoad comes in a range of sizes, as shown in the below table, so there is a platform to suit a huge variety of utes and 4x4s, check the vehicle compatibility guide at Yakima's LockNLoad page to see which platform model which will fit your vehicle.

If you'd like to know more about the LockN'Load Platform you can read this independent review of the Yakima LockNLoad Platform, or please contact us anytime to speak with one of our specialists.

Order online for free shipping or you can pickup at our shop anytime during opening hours.

Platform     Width(mm)     Length(mm)     Weight       No. of Slats

A                  1240               1530                  21.5kg         7

B                  1380               1540                  23.4kg         7

C                  1380               1930                  29.6kg         9

D                  1425               2130                  31.7kg        10

E                  1235               2130                  28.7kg        10

F                  1570                 800

G                  1570               1400

H                  1570               2130

I                    1650               1400

J                   1650               1930

K                  1235                1400

L                   1375               1400

N                  1375                2130

P                  1300                1930

U                  1485                2130


Technical Information

Length154 cm
Width138 cm
Locks Carrier to Roof Rack
Fits Thule Wing Bars
Fits Thule Square Bars
Fits Thule Slide Bars
Fits Rhino Sportz
Fits Rhino Commercial
Fits Rola Sportz
Fits Rola RBU series
(universal T-track)
Fits Whispbar
Fits Yakima Lock N Load
TUV approved