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  • Whispbar roof racks for BMW X6, 5dr SUV with Solid Roof Rails 2020 on, Flush Bars

Whispbar Roof Racks for BMW X6, 5dr SUV with Solid Roof Rails (2020 on)

Flush Bars

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Whispbar roof racks for BMW X6, 5dr SUV with Solid Roof Rails 2020 on. Included are Flush Bars that support a maximum load of 75 kg.

Flush Rail Mount is a roof rack mounting system that fits to a factory installed solid rails on the roof.

Pros: Neat, low profile with limited contact with paintwork and usually flexible positioning of the racks.

Cons: Some factory rails are quite short and may be positioned towards the rear of your vehicle, which can restrict the size and position of your roof rack.

Note: Always check the vehicle manufacturer's recommended maximum load rating before use.

This is Whispbar's smoothest looking, most aerodynamic and quietest rack design. As the name suggests these have a 'flush' finish, meaning there is no crossbar overhang on the sides of your rack. They seamlessly integrate into your vehicle's design. Covered by a lifetime warranty and available in black or silver.

Please use our Roof Rack Guide to find options for your car.

Max Load
75 (kg)
Bar Pack
Fit Kit
Mount Type
Flush Rail Mount
Clamps onto flush roof rail

IMPORTANT : Please read our article on roof rack types and important restrictions

Note : This is a complete kit, and includes everything needed to mount a roof rack system to your vehicle.

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