Which Roof Box Fits My Car?

Posted on Wednesday, 28 October 2015   |  Viewed: 5136

Whether you refer to them as roof boxes, roof pods, cargo box, top box, cargo carriers, roof coffins or the mother in law’s spare seat, a roof box is one of the most useful items you’ll ever buy.

Going skiing? Chuck all the muddy boots, wet parkas and your skis up there instead of the back of the car.

Going camping? Put all the heavy or sharp items up there to make for a much safer car in the event of an accident.

Pram taking up the entire boot? The Thule Force XT L 450L will take care of it.

No room in the seven seater for the family and luggage? The Thule Motion XT XXL 610L it is.

Day at the beach? A roofbox that you can hose the sand out is a better option than trying to vacuum it out of the carpet in the back of the car.

Just about any roof box will fit on any car so it’s more about which roof box suits my needs rather than which roof box suits my car.

At Roof Rack Store we do try to keep all of the boxes in stock and on display.

Have a read through the buying tips below to narrow down the choice and if you’re still not clear which roof box is the best for you then give us a call on 02 9666 4844


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I want the best roof box available

The Thule Excellence comes with all the bells and whistles. Two tone paint scheme, interior net, auto on/off light and interior no slip pads.


I want the largest roof box available

The two largest in the range are the Thule Motion XT XXL at 630 litres or the Yakima Skybox 21 at 595 litres.


My small hatchback has a rear spoiler that may hit the roof box when it's open

Easy, the Whispbar WB751 is a perfect fit, even on the new Mazda 3 hatch with spoiler


My Mazda CX-9 has 1100mm between the front and rear cross bars.

The Whispbar WB752 is the only box that will fit on this car.


What are the most popular roof boxes?

Thule Motion XT XL, the Whispbar WB751 and the Yakima Skybox 16.  Very practical size enabling carrying of skis, golf clubs or just about anything you can’t fit in the boot.


 I want to carry a bike/kayak/board as well as a roof box

Thule Motion XT Sport or Thule Touring 600. These boxes have the narrowest beam and so take up the least amount of space on your roof rack leaving room for all your other gear. 


I want the smallest roof box

Have a look at the Yakima Rocket Box 12 at 340 litres or the Thule Touring 100 at 330 litres.


I want the lowest profile roof box

Thule Dynamic 900 or Thule Dynamic 800 or Yakima Skybox Lo. These Thule boxes measure approx 35cm high but the Yakima Skybox Lo measures only approx 29cm high! This means not only the lowest drag co-efficient but means a better chance of getting into those low garages or shopping centres.


I want a roof box made of recycled materials

All Yakima roofboxes are made in the USA of up to 80% recycled materials.


I want a roof box with the highest load (kilogram) capacity

All of the Yakima boxes can take up to 100kg of gear. The limiting factor for most cars is the load rating of the roof racks.