Thule ProRide 598 Long Term Test Review

Posted on Tuesday, 08 August 2017   |  Viewed: 1461

8/8/17 Today's the day I finally swapped my trusty and long serving Thule 591s over to the new Thule ProRide 598s.

After 6 years of constant use, with a range of bikes and them living on the roof of my car outdoors, it was time to put the new model on there and see if they would fare as well as the previous ones.

The outgoing 591s have done an incredible job over the years and have never let me down. The tightening and release mechanism still works as well as the day I put them on and they've safely taken our bikes all over NSW and beyond. Whether it was road bikes, 29er mountain bikes, my son's BMX or my wife's hybrid the 591s have performed flawlessly.

Of course they now don't look as good as they did with the plastic showing some effects of 6 year's of  UV radiation and pollution exposure and a couple of the rivets are now starting to show a little bit of corrosion. 

I'll be updating this article periodically on these new units and how they compare.

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