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The New Whispbar WBT31 and WBT21 Platform Bike Carrier

Posted on Thursday, 03 August 2017   |  Viewed: 890

The New Whispbar WBT31 and WBT21 Tow Ball Mounted Platform Bike Carriers

Whispbar has entered the platform carrier market with a winner. These carriers have actually been sold in Europe for a number of years under the ‘Cykell’ brand with Whispbar now acquiring the brand and selling it under their name in Australia and the U.S.

The designers have had a good long look at the existing carriers on the market and come up with improvements to just about all the features of what is currently available from the other brands. Probably the biggest innovation is the ease with which these carriers attach to the tow ball. It drops down over the ball and simply clicks open with an indicator that shows green indicating you’re good to go.

 When the carrier is removed from the ball it folds into what is quite a small unit with small wheels on the bottom allowing you to wheel it into its place of storage where it stands upright and stable.

The wheel trays also slide independently meaning you can easily take a 20” wheel next to a 29” inch wheel, not something easily done with others out there.

It of course has all the other features such as easy tilt to allow access to the hatch when bikes are loaded, integrated tail lights, locking bike clamps and unlike all others comes with a lifetime warranty.

It’s available in either a two or three bike version and an adaptor is available to turn the 2 bike into a 3 bike or the 3 bike into a 4 bike carrier.  Also available is a loading ramp making loading and unloading of bikes even easier.

For more information about these fantastic new carriers please call us at Roof Rack Store on 02 9666 4844 or vist the European Cykell homepage