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Carrying Bikes on a Cars Roof

Posted on Wednesday, 28 October 2015   |  Viewed: 1879

We do occasionally see the results of some unfortunate interactions of bikes and roof boxes with /garages/carports/trees/underground carparks etc.

It’s not hard to do and if you’re in cycling circles you probably know some poor sod who has done it.

With the advent of curtain air bags, roof damage on cars is becoming more expensive to fix.  Have a look at the few ideas below that may help you avoid a really bad day out.

Swing tag

Get yourself a swing tag free of charge from Roof Rack Store. It simply hangs from the rear vision mirror to remind you that you have gear on top. If you buy a roof box from us we’ll even measure up the height so you know where you can go and more importantly, where you can’t.


Open the sunroof when you’ve got bikes or a roof box on your racks.

Rope on the carport

Hang a piece of rope down from the front of the carport as a visual cue not to enter.

Auto opener in different spot

If you have an auto opener on your garage, put the remote in a different spot, ie under the passenger seat so you have to reach down to get it before entering the garage.


There is now an app available called ‘roof rack ranger’ that utilises the GPS feature of your phone and will beep as you approach home reminding you not to drive in. It’s available from the app store for around $14.  It could turn out to be the best $14 you’ve ever spent.