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Carrying Bikes on Cars

A brief overview of all the options on getting your bikes on the car

Kayak Load Assist Devices

A brief guide to car mounted kayak load assist units

Thule ProRide 591 Review and Comparison

Is the Thule ProRide 591 still the best roof mounted bike carrier?

Carrying Bikes on a Cars Roof

Tips on carrying bikes and gear on the roof of your car and how to avoid a bad day

Rear number plate requirements when using a bike rack

Laws surrounding carrying bikes and obscuring rear number plate

Thule 591 Proride Long Term Test Review

How does the ever popular Thule 591 stand up to five year's constant use?

Which Roof Box Fits My Car?

Which Thule or Yakima roof box, pod, cargo carrier, top box is best for my car?

The new Thule ProRide 598

Thule will soon release the new improved Thule 598.

The current ProRide, the 591 is the world’s most popular roof mounted carrier. The new ProRide 598 has improved on an already fantastic design. The weight rating remains at 20kg.

Review of the Thule ProRide 591 bike carrier

Test of the Thule ProRide 591 Bike Carrier.

Extreme testing video - city crash simulation

A short video showing how Thule roof racks will save your bicycle in the event of a car accident.

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