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  • Yakima Frontloader Bicycle Carrier - 8002103
  • Yakima Frontloader Bicycle Carrier - 8002103
  • Yakima Frontloader Bicycle Carrier - 8002103
  • Yakima Frontloader Bicycle Carrier - 8002103
  • Yakima Frontloader Bicycle Carrier - 8002103
  • Yakima Frontloader Bicycle Carrier - 8002103
  • Yakima Frontloader Bicycle Carrier - 8002103
  • Yakima Frontloader Bicycle Carrier - 8002103
  • Yakima Frontloader Bicycle Carrier - 8002103
  • Yakima Frontloader Bicycle Carrier - 8002103

Yakima Frontloader Bicycle Carrier - 8002103

No more having to take your front wheel off, no more bike wobbling as you drive. The Frontloader is carbon safe, stable and fits almost any bike. What are you waiting for?
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Yakima Frontloader

We love this carrier! Sure it's not the prettiest roof mounted bike carrier on the market but what it lacks in looks it certainly makes up for in features and benefits.

Due to it's wheel mount design it's the most stable way to carry your bike(s) with both wheels on. They wont wobble or move around like Thule Pro Ride ba 591, ba 598 or other similar racks. It's also the safest and nicest for the bike as there's absolutely no contact to the frame. That's right! you can now carry your carbon bikes complete on the roof without fear of frame damage or dirty wheels taking up sapce in the car.  And if that wasn't enough it's also ultra quick and simple to install on nearly any crossbar out there.

Whether you have the latest Felt or Specialized TT bike or are still hanging onto your 1990s Slingshot mountain bike this is the perfect carrier for you. If your bike has a front wheel between 20" and 29" then it's going to fit on the Frontloader.


  • Bike locks to carrier and carrier locks to roof racks (2 SKS Lock Cored sold separately)

  • Will fit most brands and types of crossbars straight out of the box.

  • Kids bikes, 29ers and all road bikes will fit (EXCEPT TANDEMS AND RECUMBENTS OR BIKES WITH FENDERS)

  • Thru axles, disk brakes, leftys will all fit no problem

  • Safe to use with your 6 kilo carbon rig and won't touch paintwork


WEIGHT: 5.9 kg
DIMENSIONS: L 142.2 cm X W 17.8 cm X H 19.1 cm
CAPACITY: 1 bike up to 18.2 kg at min. of 46 cm crossbar spread; or up to 13.6 kg at min. of 41 cm crossbar spread. 20" kids wheels to 29" mountain wheels.

UPC: 736745021030

FITS: Whispbar, Thule, square and factory crossbars



Q: Can I go through the car wash?
A: No, as with all roof racks don't go through the power car wash

Q: Does it lock?
A: Yes.Cable locks bike to carrier and rack locks to crossbars. (locks sold separately)

Q: What bikes will it fit?
A: Everything from 20 to 29"

Q: I need to carry several bikes. Can I place bikes on the car backwards to get more space?
A: Yes, no problem

Q: What maintenance is required?
A: Maintenance is good!. Grease the nuts, screws, and bolts. Lube locks with graphite. Take rack off when not use and wash reqularly if you're lucky enough to live near the beach

Q: How much space does it need? How many can I carry?
A: The frontloader requires about 30cm of bar space but with multiple bikes you need to alternate forwards/backwards facing. Usually four is the limit but give us a call if you need to carry more and we can work it out for you

Q: Can I use a fairing with the FrontLoader?
A: Maybe, usually better for carrier to face backwards

Q: What if I want a longer wheelstrap for my ForkLift or FrontLoader? 
A: Order the #8880229 replacement wheelstrap for 6.6 cm more length.


UPC:  73674502103



Technical Information

Load Capacity Bikes 1
Fitting of bike Front Wheel
Fits frame dimensions (mm)
Fits wheel dimensions 20" - 29"
Self-adjusting frame holder
Quick-release wheel straps
Locks bike to carrier
Locks Carrier to Roof Rack
One Key System compatible
Fits Wing Bars
Fits Square Bars
Fits Slide Bars
Fits Rhino Aero
Fits Rhino Euro
Fits Rhino Sportz
Fits Rhino Commercial
Fits Rola Heavy Duty
Fits Rola Sportz(OLD)
Fits Rola Sportz(NEW)
Fits Rola RBU Series
(Universal T-Track)
Fits Mont Blanc Square
Fits Carac
Fits ProRack Whispbar
Fits ProRack P
Fits ProRack Whispbar HD
Fits ProRack Trade
Fits Ford Territory
Fits T-track 30x23mm
Fits most bikes with disc brakes
For E-bikes
TUV approved
Fulfils City Crash Norm

Additional Information

Fitting Instructions
Fitting Instructions

Yakima Frontloader Bicycle Carrier - 8002103 Customer Reviews

Tim Hutton rated this item 5 out of 5      on Friday, 16 December 2016
Wonderful service and very quick delivery. Spent hours researching bike roof racks for Subaru cross bars and was becoming very frustrated as most racks were in US only. Wish I had of called the guys earlier it would have saved me a lot of time. Haven\'t installed yet, but looks very solid and good buy. Service A1
May Rose Flores rated this item 5 out of 5      on Thursday, 15 December 2016
I was looking for a bike holder that wouldn\'t let my bike shake around while I\'m driving out to my favorite trails on back roads. The helpful older guy I spoke to pointed me to this one. I tested it out last weekend and it didn\'t fail me, it was easy to fit too, a great bike holder and the price was also good. Thanks guys :)
Francis Lim rated this item 5 out of 5      on Thursday, 15 December 2016
Not the cheap but good and strong. I will recommend to buy one.
Don Walker rated this item 5 out of 5      on Thursday, 03 November 2016
I had a friend crush his frame with a bike carrier once (watching a grown man cry leaves an impression) so I had this in mind when looking for a carrier for the new Bianchi Specialissima. Perfect, thanks for the great advice and price Roof Rack Store! Don
Simon Arhem rated this item 5 out of 5      on Monday, 10 October 2016
I received great advice from the Roof rack store (Cheapest price I could fine too) as I wanted something that was both secure and could not mark my carbon frame. This does not touch the frame, job done and I can also transport my other bikes. Keep in mind that cross bar position is important, but thats the only tricky bit and it isnt that tricky...
Terence Lee rated this item 5 out of 5      on Saturday, 10 October 2015
This is an excellent bike carrier. It works just as well with my young son's 20inch wheels as it does with my new Giant Anthem 29er. It's very easy to use and goes between my wife's Subaru roof racks and my Whispbar racks without a problem. Great service too from the guys at Roof Rack Store!
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